Sparkle Shack knows – how to bring it!

Over the past decade, we’ve been spreading our sparkles over some of the biggest fairs and festivals BC has to offer. We are festival chameleons and can transform our booth and offerings to fit any event. We’ve rocked our cowboy boots at Sunfest, our rainbows at Pride, and our flower crowns at Rifflandia. Whatever the event, we will fit right in and and make truly memorable magic for your guests.

We understand that every festival wants to have diversity in their market place and children’s area. Sparkle Shack not only represents quality, but also draws a crowd with its eclectic take on face and body art for all ages. Sparkle Shack offers a wide range of body art options, giving your visitors the best possible experience. We use the safest products and practices.

Feel free to contact us to request a quote for your upcoming event.

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